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Addams Family Electric Chair Protectors

The ABSOLUTE BEST protection that you can buy to protect the playfield around your Addams Family Electric Chair target hole.

Addams Family Electric Chair Protectors $22

I know that there are other protectors out there for the Addams Family Electric Chair hole,
but they only protect the hole on the bottom of the playfield. What good does it do to protect the bottom of the playfield? This is the only Protector that will protect the top of the playfield where all of the damage and wear occurs. And because the Electric Chair target is so prominent on the playfield, the damage and wear around this hole shows up so much and looks terrible. Look at the picture without the Protector. YUCK!!!

Now if you are like me, your first question is, “Is this going to make the Electric Chair shot harder to hit?” Before I had a bunch of these made, I wanted to make sure that this protector was not going to affect game play, so I did the following: When I got the first prototype Protector in my hands, I put it on my Addams Family and then had three different players of various skill levels play fifteen games each. Between each player, I recorded the number of Electric Chair target hits. I then removed the protector and had the same players play fifteen games with out the Protector, again recording the number of Electric Chair target hits between each player. To my surprise, two of the three players actually recorded slightly higher (2% & 4%) Electric Chair targets hits with the Protector in place than without it. And the player that was lower (5%) was the least experienced player.

Now I know that this was not scientific enough to be 100% conclusive, but as I have played my Addams with the Protector in place for several months now, I have noticed no difference at all in hitting the Electric Chair target, and it has brought me great joy to know that there will be no further damage to the Electric Chair hole.

I spared no expense in having these made. The shop started with a flat piece of stainless steel. It was then bent into an “L” channel. Then they used a very expensive jig and a big press to bend these into the “U” shape. The shop was very careful to make sure the radius on the corners was smaller than the pinball, so that it would not affect game play. Then they were placed into another jig and pressed flat. Then another press to have the holes punched. And finally, they were placed into a tumbler polisher for 48 hours to give them a nice shine. The cost to have the tooling and jigs produced to make these Protectors was several thousand dollars!!! But only the best is good enough for my beloved Addams. How about your beloved Addams?

Installation is simple. Raise the playfield and remove the two nuts that hold the Electric Chair in place. Then lower the playfield and lift up on the Electric Chair until there is enough space to slide the Protector into place. Then replace the Electric Chair, raise the playfield and replace the two nuts. This takes about 5 minutes and is very easy.

How much more wear and tear do you want on your Addams playfield before you finally do something to prevent it?

“We also manufacture and sell several Addams Family Gold Pinball products. If there is a specific Addams Family Gold Pinball product that you need, just ask. We may have it?”

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