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PinCab Protectors


Black PinbCab Protectors $18 (Set of 4)

Color PinbCab Protectors $18 (Set of 4)
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I started making PinCab Protectors one at a time for my own use because it made me sick to see a beautiful pinball machine that had become all chewed up by the legs. This was a slow and labor intensive process. When my pinball buddies saw the PinCab Protectors installed on my pins, they just had to have some. So I finally got tired of making them one at a time, and a legend (sort of) was born.

I had tried the felt protectors, but was not happy with them at all. I found that if I left the felt ones extending beyond the legs, they looked real bad. And if I trimmed them to fit the leg, I risked cutting the cabinet while trimming them. Once trimmed, I still had felt fuzzies hanging out, and I did not feel they provided much protection because they would slide around under the leg.

Ultimate Protection

If you have a pin that you want to preserve the value of, you need these PinCab Protectors™. ESPECIALLY if your pinball is one of the late model Bally/Williams pins (Cactus Canyon, Monster Bash, Medieval Madness, Revenge from Mars, Star Wars Episode 1) that have the decals that lift and peel away from the legs. Or, if you have a pinball machine that has some existing damage that has been caused by the legs. These PinCab Protectors™ are about 1/4” bigger than the legs, so they cover up the existing damage. They also protect against any further damage.

PinCab Protectors are made from Polypropylene plastic. PinCabs go on the cabinet under the legs. They are very easy to use as they are just placed under the legs as the legs are bolted on. They protect the cabinet and the decals from the damage that is so prevalent. Plus, they make your beloved pinball machine look great! All PinCab Protectors are sold in sets of 4.

If you think your pinball machine is “safe” because it is already in your game room, and you don’t intend to move it, THINK AGAIN. Every time a player “bumps” the pin to try to save a ball, they are putting pressure where the legs meet the cabinet and causing the legs to dig into the cabinet. And when you hear the “Tilt” warning, or someone slides your beloved pin over to get something that fell under the pin or to fix or repair something on the pin, then the potential for damage is VERY high. Look at the picture without the leg on. Moving the pinball machine does NOT cause this type of damage. It is caused by years of little “bumps and grinds” while the pin is being played and loved.

Advantages of Polypropylene

PinCab Protectors™ are made out of Polypropylene plastic. The advantages of Polypropylene are:

• Polypropylene has a somewhat slippery surface texture, so they tend to slide instead of dig in.

• Polypropylene is a softer plastic. This prevents the PinCabs from digging into the pinball cabinet.

• Either type of plastic is cut is cut or molded with a slight radius edge. Again, this will prevent any digging into the pinball cabinet.

Available colors

Colors available: I have PinCabs available in Black, Clear, Red, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and Dark Blue. For all the clear and colored PinCabs, there is an additional $7 charge (for a set of 4) because of the increased cost of the colored materials.

Money back guarantee

I am so sure that you will be happy with these that I offer a 20-day money back guarantee. PinCab Protectors must be returned in original condition at your expense. I will refund everything except shipping and handling costs.